Alex Jones: People should react to journalists at CNN reporting on Trump like they do to a pedophile serial killer

Jones: “We only want to sexualize children; we’re a bunch of pedophiles at CNN”

From the August 8 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Listen, it’s best for you if you just shut up, let us put handcuffs on you, and get in the car. It’s like Ted Bundy: pull up, non-threatening yellow Volkswagon, little non-threatening suit. He’d go, “Hey, want to go get some soda pop with me and maybe see a rock show?” He’d get the 16-year-old girl in his car and he'd put a gun to her head and he said, “Listen, I’m not going to hurt you as long as you put these handcuffs on.” As soon as she puts the handcuffs on he goes, “Good, good, it’s going to be all right now, I’m going to take you out to this farmhouse.” Then he takes her down in the basement and he tortures her for a few days and bites big chunks out of her, laughing at her, saying, “Ah, if you just would have run, you’d be alive, bitch. But you’re not now. And I’m going to kill you. Ah ha ha ha.” And the crying and begging. “Oh, no one can hear you, I’m going to kill you now. I’m going to torture you to death.”

And that’s how CNN is: “Listen, Trump, just stop using that Twitter, just put these handcuffs on and get down in this basement. Nevermind those pliers on the wall and the smell of death flesh and that skull you see over there. Just get in there with us. We only fund the Arab Spring and mass murder every Christian we can. We only want to sexualize children; we’re a bunch of pedophiles at CNN. Just give us what we want right now. Stop communicating.” But they go, “If we totally shut him off of it people will get mad. Then block all the positive mentions and block the likes and just shut him down and destroy all his supporters. ‘Voters to Trump: Never tweet.’ Just stop it. Just get in the Volkswagon, put on the handcuffs and we’re going to take good care of you, Trump. America, flyover country, just let us have your children ah ha ha. Just put the handcuffs on, let us put the electrical tape on you, let just go into the basement. Just go into the basement.”

Ice Cream truck music. A-la-la. White van pulls up. Creepy PCP head. “Hey, kids I got free candy and popsicles.” And the kids are like, “Ehhh.” “Oh, look, I got a puppy right here. Hey, look, I got another little kid we call Renfield. We use him to lure other kids back. Yeah, it’s my cousin's kid so, you know, I just torture him some. But he’s going to come out with the puppy and he’s going to trick you into this van, kid, and I’m going to sell you. We’re going to shanghai you and put you on a boat and ship you out of here. There's some folks who want to produce some snuff films. But it’s OK because they’re liberal. Ha ha ha. It’s OK because it’s trendy.

“Spirit cooking. Podesta. Good people. Good people. Going to take care of you.

“Big deal, we want to kidnap and rape your kids and devil worship. We’re liberal. It’s OK, eh? Now don’t say mother and father on the entrance forms. Being a mother and father is a bad thing. Then crazy Alex Jones reads our documents on air. So what? What are they going to do to?” There you go.

So, CNN, Brian Stelter. “Hi, I’m Brian Stelter, central casting of a creepazoid. Hi, I’m Brian Stelter. Hi. Let me tell you about the real world. Oh, when Trump says something, it’s not true. When we tell you, it is.”