Alex Jones Marvels At How Trump “Finishes” His Sentences During Their Private Conversations: “The Guy's Reading My Mind”

From the November 29 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): They’ve got all these articles where they say this and then they say oh but no one wants to get rid of Trump it’s a conspiracy theory and he’s mentally ill and then “Panelist: Give Donald Trump his medication,” CNN: “He’s a spoiled brat throwing fits.”

Meanwhile they’re running around burning things down, killing people, attacking people, throwing fits and then saying things about Trump who has just inhuman stamina at 70. Let me tell you something: Trump’s a weird mix of classic bravado, virile nature but also OCD.

I talk to people that know him, he loves reading a complex contract. He loves making hundreds of phone calls. He loves working 20 hours a day and they call that mentally ill  -- I call that super male. And compared to most guys, I’m a super male. Which I’m not proud of, I’m kind of like a weak guy.

Trump at 70 completely trumps what I’m able to do. They want me to read contracts around here and make business calls which I have to do every day after the show I’m like -- I’ve got to learn to be like Trump, he takes each one like “Oh, yes, let me enjoy this call and make sure I have the very best on the phone and sound just like I have perfect diction and have all the answers.”

You talk to Trump it sounds like you're talking to like a Hollywood movie star. It’s like, “Hello Alex, well that’s good, let’s discuss this, oh yes.” You talk to Trump he has like every number every fact – he comes right back with the answer. He finishes your sentences, it’s like is this even real?

You know what? Trump is the greatest thing we've ever seen or he’s the devil. I’ve said that before, ‘cause talking to Trump off-air  -- which I’ve done some – they make a big deal out of it so I won’t even tempt the media with it.

I’m sitting there talking to Trump and it’s not annoying because it’s so creepy, it’s like cool he finishes your sentences. And then you’re about to ask a question and he goes, “and now you’re going to ask me this.” And you’re like, “How the hell did you just do that?”

Let me just give everybody a news flash: The Trump you see on TV is the dumbed down Trump for the general population. The real Donald Trump is even scarier. And that’s why they’re so scared of him. ‘Cause I’ve talked to a lot of people, I’ve been around a lot of billionaires, I’ve been around a lot of smart people, and maybe he turns it up when he talks to me but let me tell you when I talk to Donald Trump, the guy’s reading my mind.

Maybe he’s a bad thing. My gut tells me he’s not. But Donald Trump’s a whole ‘nother ball game.Whole ‘nother ball game. Whole ‘nother enchilada.


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