Alex Jones likens Rep. Maxine Waters to a rabid dog

From the May 11 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Ladies and gentlemen, [Rep.] Maxine Waters [D-CA] is a mad dog. She is like Cujo. She has cultural, political, spiritual rabies. I don’t know which dog bit the other dog, but Hillary's got the same disease: Megalomania. Everything in their wake is death and destruction. And we’re going to be breaking down this incredible speech where she said, quote, “I resent Make America Great Again.” We’ll play the full remarks coming up, but I want to play just the end part here in a moment where she says, “I resent Make America Great Again and I resent this president.” And the hatred, the vitriol, the anger and the way she’s talking about women and Blacks like it’s a title. Like I am oppressed, I have a title. Like I’m a king, I’m an earl, I’m a queen, I’m a duke. I am a woman, you have wronged me, I have resentment for all of you. I have chips on my shoulder and I’m Black and you’ve done something to me. And people are sick of it because we know it’s weaponized to keep people in a cultural plantation.


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