Alex Jones lashes out at judge, says ruling against him in Sandy Hook case shows that the United States is dead

Jones accuses the judge in the case of fraud

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Citation From the November 15, 2021, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): You know, I have a lot of people I know – a lot of great people, a lot of good people – texting me right now. One of them is a very well-known podcast producer, in the break was asking, hey, we know the inside baseball on this. You should respond to the big national news story that they're pumping out on every channel, every newspaper, from Japan to Germany to the United States. You know, tens of thousands of articles are being posted. Alex Jones found guilty by judge. That's a judge totally abusing their discretion. Absolutely engaging in what I would say is fraud, saying that we didn't give them information.

They defaulted us mainly for saying that the accounting firm – it's a well-known, respected accounting firm – gave them – they demanded our financial records, which you wouldn't think you'd get in a civil defamation case. It shouldn't be about what I said or did. And so I said, no, just give it to them, they're planning to default us, and I want to make them do it all the way, and then they just said, this isn't your real finances. We said, well, you can't prove a negative, I mean, that – it is. And they said, well, it's not a QuickBooks file, it's a spreadsheet. And I talked to, like, four accountants, different accounting firms about this. And they said this is fraud. And we talked to all these accounting firms, they said, yeah, you can't give somebody a QuickBook account, because a QuickBook account's a database. It goes back to the beginning of our QuickBooks over 20 years ago. They said from this date to that date. So what you do is you take it out and put it into a spreadsheet. That's what I'm defaulted for – is a spreadsheet scan of every transaction at this company. And you think, that's outrageous that you would even let them do that.

Folks. They were always going to default us, and they're always going to do it at the appeals court level, too. I've known that. I'm just going to illustrate the whole thing for everybody. And then that gives us the time to, you know, to move forward and fight the globalists. I mean, it's – this is not my battle. This is not my war. This is kind of like a rabid chihuahua that has rabies is biting me in the leg. And I've got a pack of wolves tearing my children apart. That's the allegory. I've got to deal with the wolves, not the chihuahua chewing on my leg. I can get rabies shots later. So you have to triage things like this.

But yes, this is really outraging a lot of people, just like the SWAT team raid on James O'Keefe or what's happened to Steve Bannon, who obviously has executive privilege. You know, the media tries to spin it that, oh well, he wasn't technically working there at the time. You don't see the president demanding Congress give them all their records. You don't see the president demanding the Supreme Court give them their records of their private deliberations. They'd say separation of powers, Jack.

But all of this is about the ongoing power grab that's going on in this country. So what am I talking about? Because a lot of people are asking me to respond to this. You know, I learned about this 20 minutes before I went on air. And quite frankly, I've got all this incredible news that needs to be covered, and I just, I really think that what's happening to me and to Infowars – I mean, I know it's a symptom of the disease of globalism and the disease of corruption and decadence in this country and in the world in general and really of the end of the country as we know it. Now, it can be rebooted, hopefully, but the country, for all intents and purposes, is gone. This is modern warfare we're under. And the country itself is being bankrupted and dissolved. And if I spend my time tactically talking to HBO or talking to The Wall Street Journal or running around trying to defend myself from the fake things they've launched against me, we're going to lose the whole country and the planet.

Earlier in the day, a judge found Jones liable for defamation by default in four Sandy Hook defamation cases. This followed years of harassment by Jones of Sandy Hook families.