Alex Jones: “I've got an issue with Trump” calling for protests against his arrest; “He's trying to use the public to push right up to the edge”

Jones on Trump: “He's lighting up a cigarette while he's playing with gasoline”

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Citation From the March 21, 2023, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Do you think there'll be protests if he's indicted?

ALEX JONES: Oh, well, that's -- I've got an issue with Trump on that. And I'm not saying he didn't have the right to say it. I'm not saying he's wrong to say it, but I would have said it better. We got set up on January 6. We know that now. A million people came there. A few hundred attacked the police. The police hit themselves with tear gas, we now have the footage. That's how the first breach happened. But then they waved in the other folks and have put a, you know, almost a thousand of them in jail. It's an American gulag. It's absolutely terrible.

And then Trump says take our country back, protest if I get indicted. Well, you could see then how some people will think take the country back -- and then if some provocateurs do something, they can now point right at Trump and say, see, he basically pushed him to do this.

So, it does look like he's trying to use the public to push right up to the edge. And I think in this powder keg volatile situation we're in, we don't need to be like the antifa that just tried to burn down the police station in Atlanta two weeks ago. We don't wanna be like them out shooting people at four-way stops. So, they want violence because they're losing hearts and minds. We don't wanna be like Maxine Waters saying go out and get violent. We wanna be the opposite.

I get he's pissed. I get it's wrong. Someday there may be a 1776 issue where things are so bad we gotta get physical, but I think we should exhaust all the remedies first. And I don't think -- if there is a violent revolution, it should be randomly attacking police or Capitol buildings.

CROWDER: Of course.

JONES: It should be, you know, how George Washington would do it. And I'm not wargaming that here, I'm just saying war, physical war is a very serious issue. And it shouldn't start in some riot.

CROWDER: Yeah, which I don't think he wanted, but like you're saying, he didn't word it, maybe, prudently.


JONES: Well, he's got a lot of power. He's got a lot of power, and it'll allow them to plant provocateurs like Ray Epps again --


JONES: -- in there to provocateur some hotheads, and so it's like, listen. If you're filling up your tractor with gasoline and if you're farm -- do you have a right to smoke a cigarette while you're doing it? Yeah, but it's probably something you shouldn't do. And so, he basically -- he's lighting up a cigarette while he's playing with gasoline.