Alex Jones' Infowars: Shooting at YouTube HQ is “the exact type of event” Democrats would need to attack the Second Amendment

From the April 3 edition of Infowars’ The War Room with Owen Shroyer:

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OWEN SHROYER (HOST): The Democrat and the liberal call for the Second Amendment was backfiring in their face so much, this is the exact type of event they would need to try to put more steam into that.


SHROYER: You have to wonder what are we going to hear from the mouthpieces of the Democrat Party. The Jimmy Kimmels. The camera [David] Hoggs. This is exactly what they’re going to use to prop up and reignite their call for the Second Amendment that had been dying in the last weeks and in fact having a reverse effect. I can only hear exactly what I’m expecting them to say over the course of the next 24 hours.


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