Alex Jones: I’m Going To "Figure Out Who We Want To Send” To Cover White House Briefings

Jones Claims “The President Routinely Listens” To His Conspiracy Theory Radio Show 

From the January 26 edition of Genesis Communications Networks' The Alex Jones Show:

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CALLER: I disagree not about the Communist Chinese or Hollywood, I disagree with something you said yesterday was that you didn’t want a presence in the White House press room. I think that’s – I mean, of course it’s your operation – and I think – you feel like you can be more of an impact on the outside, I think it’s just such a tremendous opportunity to be able to ask the president any kind of question. To be able to control the news cycle. I think it’s a great opportunity.

ALEX JONES (HOST): I think you’re taking out of context what I said, okay? A: We have to have the money. I’ve got people running around here saying “Send me to Washington, send me to Washington, “ well do it on your own money, go now. I mean, I actually have to run an operation, I have to have real money, I have to actually then plan things out. I have to make sure who I send doesn’t just screw off all day. I can’t get basic operations I want to launch from older plans done, so I have to finish those – the world’s full of ideas, not a lot of action.

So I do agree we need to be there and ask real questions and it’s important. And I did criticize the fact that they’re going to ABC, and they’re going to CNN first while – where’s Breitbart? Breitbart’s important, so [White House senior advisor and former Breitbart chairman Steve] Bannon is in the White House, who cares? There was tons of people from the media in the Clinton and Obama White Houses, and back and forth.

So yes, I’m going to get around to try and figure out who we want to send up there to do that, and to be in those press conferences. I told [Infowars editor-at-large] Paul Watson I think he’s the best choice, and that’s who was recommended to us: “Hey, we like Paul Watson.” I’ve got to go through that process of doing that and of getting into those events.

I just don’t want to make it all about chasing the tail like old-fashioned media. We can sit there and talk about the issues in live time, we can tweet Trump and Facebook Trump and have him respond days later. They’re listening, they’re watching. I’m not going to get into any details but the president routinely listens to the show. Okay, so you want to talk to Trump, you want to ask him a question, go ahead and do it right now, go ahead.


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