Alex Jones: If you go to Muslim areas there’s “mentally retarded children everywhere” because of inbreeding

From the February 7 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Well let’s explain something here, I didn’t know this till I talked to a family that were veterans and other people that had been in the Middle East, but it’s also in Indonesia and everywhere, wherever it’s Muslims. You’ll have a Christian area where everybody's super smart, totally nice, and then you go into the Muslim area and there’s mentally retarded children everywhere, people have disorders, people look crazy. And it’s inbreeding, just like the British royal family, what the queen has four or five siblings, most of them have been locked up in mental institutions their whole lives, I’ve seen some photos of them. And you look at the Muslims, that’s what they look like is poor, sad people out of an old fashioned sanatorium, and -- so talk about the numbers, the final ingredient is the mental illness, the inbreeding, and then you find out in the Middle East and Central Asia, the imams and terrorists use the giant surplus of mentally retarded people they’ve got, but also schizophrenia, you name it, from the inbreeding, to carry this out.


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