Alex Jones: I Didn’t Ask For White House Press Credentials, But “We Can Get Them If We Want Them, Guaranteed.”

From a January 26 YouTube video:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Today I get off the air at like three o’clock and they come with a big stack of news, out of -- New York Daily News, The Hill, and I go online and there’s hundreds of ‘em saying Alex Jones lied, Alex Jones wasn’t given White House press credentials, Alex Jones claimed he was, Alex Jones has been caught – like I’m not up there with the beauty queen and beauty king in high school. Man, I got out of high school a long time ago and look he’s lying, he didn’t really get credentials.

When in a Facebook Mentions, talking about the fact I don’t even know if I want a Washington bureau, now that Trump says he’s going to try and let in independent media, I don’t even know if I want to send people up there, I’m not even sure I have the money. Then I’m saying, do I just want to sit around with the press corps asking their stupid questions, and then I pointed out that not once but twice, while I was in D.C., people that – let’s just say worked for President Trump, or had been involved in his election – said, “Hey we love Paul Watson, he’s a rock star, he ought to be up here in the national press corps. Are you going to be moving to D.C.? Are you going to open a bureau? Alex, you ought to be part of this.”

So I took that as, yeah, we can get press credentials, in fact I said in the piece Breitbart ought to be there, Drudge ought to have a correspondent, it was more of just a -- wargaming in my mind, and pointing out that wherever I go, members of the press who aren’t globalists, like Ann Coulter run over – that was in Cleveland at a separate event – and say, “Hey, Paul Watson’s a rock star, we love him. Boy he’s great.”

So what I was talking about was that, but they took the fact that I don’t read off a teleprompter and the fact that I just as a gestalt talk about larger issues that “Oh, he said he was getting press credentials, but he hasn’t been given them.” What I said was, “We can get them if we want them, guaranteed.”


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