Alex Jones: I can call Oprah a black Nazi because there were “plenty of black Nazis in World War II”

Actually, the Nazi regime persecuted black people

From the January 10 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): Oh, but look, there it is. Oprah’s home affected by California mudslides. Oh my gosh, just the concerted effort. Oh, she is just such an angel and it’s just all what a -- she’s such a survivor, she’s such a good person. She cares about everybody, and this is now what’s going on. Simply amazing.

And notice when I talked about her being a black Nazi, which being a part of the eugenics group, I mean that's what the Nazis were. There were plenty of black Nazis in World War II, you can actually look it up. The media thought that sounded crazy, so they ran with that. But when I got into her sticking her tongue into Weinstein and women saying she brought women to them and basically set them up and that she's been involved as a child prostitute, and all the rest of this stuff, and the fact she doesn't want her lesbianism -- nothing wrong with lesbianism, lady, it’s fine. The point is, just -- let’s get it out front and be proud of it. And nobody wanted to touch that, see, because, “Oh, you don’t talk about that with the grand leader.” I mean, she's like the shadow president now, they're about to say. Watch. She’s really like America’s conscience. It’s the phenomenon after Trump won, America stood up and she became the voice. She’s our mommy when she’s not sticking her filthy tongue in Harvey Weinstein’s fetid, scaley, diseased ear.


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