Alex Jones suggests Sandy Hook massacre had multiple shooters

Jones: “I believe Lanza had other shooters with him”

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Citation From the June 6, 2024, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST):  If you type in Alex Jones, those who follow the case, and you look at national news, CNN, all the fake news. You see different stories because they can't figure out even CNN's Oliver Darcy, the sidekick of, uh Brian Stelter said "Well, it's very confusing. We don't know what's going on. But Infowars is over." Well, let me tell you what's going on. There are no assets other than products that are worthless if I don't promote them, our listeners will never buy those from you if I'm gone. No matter how much they love him. And the rest of the story is, I will not sell out or be compromised to stay on air here and be a puppet. So there's that. And I will not work with the CRO. They try to keep him on as the liquidator. And so that's it. Period. And that's where I stand. But if you read these articles, they're back at it. "Well, Jones claimed in court he was bankrupt out of money," which I was at the time and even more so now. Officially bankrupt, and "Jones really has 270 million. The court proved." No evidence, no documents.

We couldn't counter it. It was just He's got hundreds of millions. He made it off these people total lies. Just give it all to us. And they're back in the news promoting the same damn lies again. I mean, these people are disgusting. And they use I'm talking about the lawyers and the PR firms Democratic Party using these people. They got fundraisers all over X, all over Facebook with my name. "He's attacking us right now. He's hiding money. Get him give us give us money." That's why, they they've raised so much money. Hundreds of millions reportedly off of my name as the bad guy, and then they're the victims, and it's just all B.S. total horse shit. Again. Barely ever talked about it. Thought it really happened at first.

Now we do think it happened and know what really went on. I believe Lanza had other shooters with him. And then other people go and question, it becomes a huge story. We cover it some, have a few debates about it. Move on. Don't talk about it for years and years and years. Then they say, I'm the Sandy Hook, man attacking all these Children. These dead kids and I'm like, "Hey, years ago, I already said I thought it happened. Let's move on" They go, "Oh, my God. You admit you lied?" No, I didn't.