Alex Jones: “I am Islamophobic”

From the August 20 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): I can go and move to New York, I can move to [Washington,] D.C., I can move to Austin and be left alone by people. If I try to move to Saudi Arabia, or even Jordan, unless I’m in some fancy apartment or something and got bodyguards, if I try to go anywhere in the Middle East or North Africa I will be kidnapped and killed or put in jail very, very quickly. That’s a fact. So yes, I am Islamophobic, I am Naziphobic, I am Chicomphobic. Moving to China, Apple is moving there. They just deleted a bunch of thousands of apps. They’re helping report on political dissidents. Google’s helping censor. I’m phobic of Chinese communism. It killed over 100 million people; damn right I’m scared of it.


Alex Jones: “In the mainline religion of Islam, abusing boys and girls is the religion”

Alex Jones: If you go to Muslim areas there’s “mentally retarded children everywhere” because of inbreeding

Alex Jones: “One of the only good things in Islam” is that “they’ll execute you for abortion”

Alex Jones blamed the Finsbury Park attack on Muslims. It was actually inspired by one of his regular guests.