Alex Jones hosts Joe Arpaio and commands his viewers to donate to and volunteer for his Senate campaign

Jones urged supporters to vote by pushing a conspiracy theory alleging hopped up “illegals” will try to steal the race from Arpaio

From the January 11 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): I don’t go to the audience and bitch at you and say, “Hey, do more, buy more products, spread the articles, thank our affiliates more.” I know you’re doing a lot. But we’re all in a fight, so everybody needs to seriously go to,, and they need to donate and they need to volunteer and they need to get involved because in the polls he’s either ahead or neck and neck but you know they’re going to have people voting in the names of dead people. You know they get the illegals and hop them all up and tell them he’s the enemy, just because he’s for law and order, and they’ll get them to try to vote against him and there’s serious fraud in Arizona. So we need to get him five, ten, 15 points ahead to even have a chance of winning like Trump did, which we can do if you take action. But this isn’t about shooting our mouths off, it’s about doing it.


Joe Arpaio thanks conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for getting his story to Donald Trump, who is reportedly poised to pardon the former sheriff