Alex Jones: Holding Infowars to YouTube's community standards is the first step towards me being arrested and killed

Jones: “First they censor you, then they demonize you so you can’t respond, then they arrest you, then they kill you”  

From a March 3 video posted to “Infowars Censored” YouTube channel:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): They've taken all the brainwashed people who believe they’ve been victimized and brainwashed at the colleges, where they have this [social justice warrior] mentality where no free speech is allowed of anybody conservative or capitalist or Christian. And then now they're deploying that onto the internet. This was their armies. This was their clone army of brainwashed bots who will take whatever the latest political correctness is, and it’ll all give them their own little personal YouTube and Facebook channels and Twitter channels where they can have bots. They can bully. They can threaten to kill people. They can have kill the president things with two million followers. That's all allowed. And then we're just here saying this is dangerous. This is bad. This is history repeating. This is being run by big offshore corporations and muscled by the communist Chinese on record, with Apple giving all your code keys and moving their headquarters there. They say, well, we have to merge with the government to do this and getting total tax exemption to counter Trump’s tax cut. That’s mainstream news. This is World War IV. This is a digital information war. The globalists are allied with radical Islam, flooding Europe and destabilizing. They’re allied with communist China and with the globalist EU and with Hollywood and the powerful tech giants. And it's the American people and Christians around the world and sovereign folks in Latin America, Africa, Asia, you name it and they want to fight back. The Russians are fighting back. The UK is trying to fight back because this is the death knell if they do this. And again, first they censor you, then they demonize you so you can’t respond, then they arrest you, then they kill you.


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