Alex Jones goes on a white nationalist rant claiming Latinos are stealing Americans’ birthright

Jones: “If you look by year 2050 some projections are” that the Latino population will be “like 70 percent. You are having the birthright of free market and Second Amendment and all this stolen from you”

From the January 31 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): It’s just incredible that we’re in the middle of this epic historical battle. And Trump’s right when he said this is the new American moment. This is like Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” speech that changed so many hearts and minds. It’s like Washington crossing the Delaware and the next day having victory at Trenton, the first victory over the Hessians and the British troops. It’s like the flag getting raised at Iwo Jima by the Marines. What it symbolizes is we’re back. We understand who the enemy is. We understand who's sowing all the race war garbage, who’s injecting the poison, who’s venomous, who's bad, who’s been holding us down, who’s been sending all our jobs to communist China as Democrat fat cats sitting over the slave factories. These people are bad news and they’ve got a playbook. Van Jones doesn’t believe a word he says.

[Rep. Luis] Gutiérrez [D-IL] when he heard “USA, USA” ran out like it was a vampire and the sun had risen. Because he’s funded by the Ford Foundation to come turn Hispanics into anti-American racists and then break the country up. That’s the globalist plan. To steal the American dream from America that’s 50 percent Hispanic already below the age of 25, and within another decade it’ll be 50 percent total and if you look by year 2050 some projections are like 70 percent. You are having the birthright of free market and Second Amendment and all this stolen from you by people funded by the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation, like Mr. Gutiérrez, who is on record and he wants everybody watching to know you can’t say “USA USA.” The Ninth Circuit wants you to know you can’t have American flags on because that’s evil. You can’t have a family. You can’t have an identity. You can’t have anything.

And so why this was so powerful is that it shows we were being suppressed by design. One year in, things are turning around. The patient’s getting better. And you’ve got these globalists trying to squat on America and suppress us; it’s unparalleled.



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