Alex Jones falsely claims neo-Nazi behind Charlottesville car attack was an “Obama supporter”

From an August 20 video posted on Alex Jones’ Facebook page:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): There are a lot of great Black people out there. But they have filled a lot of Black folks full of anti-white racism and the media’s promoting it and the attacks on whites are all over the place and intensifying. Just like we’ve had hundreds stabbed and 15 dead and hundreds run over, it’s not even in the news now with Muslim attacks. But one woman getting run over by a guy that turns out is an Obama supporter, the guy leading the thing was an Obama supporter, a Black Lives Matter leader, an Occupy leader, the other white supremacists tied him with the groups. And then they caught the State Department on TV, CIA people, being the first witnesses. I mean, it’s like, “Whoa!” at this point.


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