Alex Jones: “Fake women that weren't even real that said Trump raped them” were “made up” by the media

From the February 22 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): And then [George] Soros is in the news, saying, “Shut down all nationalist speech, period.” It's not just ban somebody pointing out that a Muslim runs over people or pointing this or that out with mass Stockholm syndrome. You're not supposed to talk about it. He just says ban it all. See, once they ban the KKK or the Nazis, then they ban being nationalist. Then they ban saying “mother” or “father.” This is beyond authoritarian. It is a total cult run by a bizarre Nazi war criminal being worshiped by the left in fake news wars where the media just spews endless lies, false allegations, and disinformation. It's incredible. Remember all the fake women that weren't even real that said Trump raped them? It was just all made up. 


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