Alex Jones denies that he or Infowars has declared bankruptcy

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Citation From the April 18, 2022 edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): Alright, I'm gonna say something here that, I'm not gonna talk about it again today, and it will be basically my statement on the subject and I'm gonna move on, but it's just this. I am not declaring bankruptcy and Infowars is not declaring bankruptcy. It's a chapter 11 reorganization in the federal courts so you can go and show them your books, they can come in and look at your books and know that we don't have 16 million in a secret bank account or five million or three million, and know that what has been claimed by the Texas courts that are very political and the Connecticut court is not correct. It is not true, and whether that's successful or not in the long term, this will be an issue for the bankruptcy courts one way or another and it's just time for that to happen, and it's time for people to be able to see that I don't have $5 million. I don't have $3 million. We have less than $3 million cash, and we need that money to buy future product to be able to operate. So I'm essentially making no money, which is fine. The whole purpose of this place was not for Alex Jones to make a bunch of money, but it takes a bunch of money to run an independent, self sufficient media operation with three, four, five, six, seven, eight million people a day watching and listening just in bandwidth alone and this great crew, and we are what the establishment fears, real independent media giving a system a run for its money. And so, when you see all these headlines out there, "Did Alex Jones, Infowars declare bankruptcy?" the answer's no.