Alex Jones: Democrats stole the Pennsylvania special election by having dead people vote

Jones used his conspiracy theory to call for action from Trump’s “voter fraud” commission, which was disbanded in January

From the March 14 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): In closing, I’ve been asking the questions here, but what other tidbits about the blue wave, Pennsylvania -- we know the Democrats always have people vote in the names of dead people. If this Republican, it looks like, has only lost by less than a thousand votes, that means they stole the election there. I mean, this -- we know Democrats steal everywhere. They got caught in Roy Moore with more votes in precincts than there are registered voters. So that commission Trump’s got, we’ve got to get that moving. Because I think the Republicans will keep the House and the Senate, but not if we let the Democrats engage in massive election fraud.


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Alex Jones: Democrats stole the election from Roy Moore by busing people in and having dead people vote

Trump’s fake election claims came from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, but media aren't reporting that