Alex Jones defends the integrity of Russia’s elections: Putin can't be a dictator because he won 76 percent of the vote

From the March 20 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): I’m just somebody that researches stuff, so I know how the Saudi Arabian government works; it’s a dictatorship of the royal house. I know how the communist Chinese work. It’s a communist dictatorship of the Communist Party, just like North Korea.

Russia has general elections, it’s a parliamentary system and if you dig into State Department reports, they admit they thought [Vladimir] Putin with 80 percent. So he won with 76 percent, correct? So the point is, that’s not a dictator when you’re elected with 76 percent.

ALEXANDER NEKRASSOV (FORMER KREMLIN ADVISOR): Well I agree with that. But the most important thing of all is that you can have a democratic election like you have in some countries, but you must judge the election by the impact it has on the country. You know, it’s all very nice to say, “Well people decided they have this leader or that leader.” Watch what happens after that. Is the leader, the government, the regime, is acting in the interest of the people? Or is it acting in the interest of a tiny clique of people and ignores the rest? Now that’s the real issue.

JONES: And so why do Russians like Putin and why do they keep reelecting him in record numbers? Because like my grandpa always said, “I don’t want to hear talk, I want to see action.” Judge a tree by its fruit, as the Bible says. So why do Russians love Putin so much?

NEKRASSOV: Well I think it’s not love, it’s pragmatism. I think they understand that Putin is probably the best candidate of them all to provide security for the country, because security is the number one issue on the agenda now. Secondly, none of the candidates were already strong in offering in any new measures. The economy, nobody offered anything.

JONES: Sure, sure, so why does the west, why does the western left and Hollywood hate Putin so much? I mean for me I know why, I know them. The Bolsheviks and things kind of got run out of New York and London. That’s where Bernie Sanders went and had his honeymoon. And I know you were previously in that whole system, but I think it’s pretty horrible. I think what Putin’s doing in many ways is good. The Christianity, the free market -- I like the reforms. So that’s why I see Hollywood and the left seeing their little wonderland of stomping Christians’ guts out being taken away from them.



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