Alex Jones: Dallas Police Shootings Are Part Of A “Globalist, Leftist Takeover” Involving Obama, Clinton, Media Matters, And The UN

From a July 8 Facebook Live video from Alex Jones:

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ALEX JONES: They’ve left Facebook pages up for over a year that say kill Donald Trump that have hundreds of thousands of followers on it. They let The New York Times, the Daily Beast and everybody else you can imagine come out and say somebody needs to kill Donald Trump. They let Glenn Beck run around and say it. And that’s wrong.

You have free speech. But when you start saying, when you got a big audience, go out and kill somebody, that’s giving orders. And I’m going to tell the police something right now, because I know I’m not going to reach the idiot trendies and liberals and you know, folks living on trust funds who are communists, all these oxymorons. I’m gonna talk to you.

You know about the strong cities initiative, you know we’ve diagrammed the whole enemy globalist takeover, they’ve done it in other countries, they admit they’re doing it, this is not my opinion.

If you capitulate to the leftists and quote “reform yourselves” and bring them in to run your departments, you will be used as political oppressors – commissars, basically -- in the next phase you’ll be totally dishonored. And anybody that’s half decent will be phased out and then the departments will truly be hellish forces like they are in other centralized so-called utopias.

You’re being taken over, you’re being bullied, you’re being controlled, because you’re the front line of local government and the courts and the last vestiges of what we have as a chance to take our country back.

This is a globalist, leftist takeover. That’s what it is.

A destabilization program, a civil war in the making. It’s already here.

This is the beginnings of it. We’ve been trying to stop it. This is a United Nations, globalist program where they bring in the refugees, where they sue Sheriff Arpaio, where they run the departments, where they bully and intimidate you and even organize their thugs to shoot and kill you until you bow down and listen to Obama, and Hillary, and Jesse Jackson, and say you know what, you’re right, you’re right, we need to reform ourselves, we’ll do whatever you say, just call off the dogs.

If you do that, you have turned America over to the worst people on the planet, you must not capitulate to these terrorists, you must be aware of who they are, and juries and grand juries and the people have to go to the media, create our own media, and get the truth out about this takeover plan and the true enemies of this country: George Soros, and Obama and Hillary and the globalists that are orchestrating all of this and paying for it, Media Matters and all of ‘em, they need to be held accountable.


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