Alex Jones complains that YouTube is imposing its community standards on his videos

Jones calls Parkland students “the deep state's children”

From the February 28 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): Every TV station, pretty much, in the country is running, every day, reports where, “Alex Jones will be the first to be banned from YouTube for saying no one died in Florida and that bullying children.” They never even show the clip, they never even show the quote, or they go -- [Jordan] Klepper of Comedy Central, I guess, he went and they edited a bunch of stuff together where it's like two second clips together to make it sound like -- with tapes from six, seven, eight, nine, 10 years ago in cases, all together. And they just edit me in different studios together where it sounds like I'm saying all this and then apply it to what's happening. And then they say that I'm viciously attacking him. 

And, again, you saw how David Hogg, the number one individual picked out of the school of three thousand to now lead the national anti-gun movement funded by George Soros -- oh, guys, I left it in the podcast studio last night. BuzzFeed came out and admitted that the Democrats run the entire anti-gun children's movement -- young people movement, but said it was a great thing. While they ban our videos for saying it. We're saying they're being funded, they're being given scripts. Not that they're crisis actors, not that the shooting didn't happen. 

But then they run articles in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, I mean it's everywhere, saying, “Jones is about to be banned, he deserves it, he bullied David Hogg, he said no one died, he said they were all crisis actors, oh, and he said that the sheriff's department stood down.” They're not saying that now, though. That was the first week and a half. Now that we've been confirmed to be right on what we did say, of course, we had all the eyewitnesses on and local newscasts, I mean, it was very clear there was a stand down, now it's admitted. They've removed that claim and, “Oh, he falsely claimed that.” The only thing they were saying about me that as true was that. Now they've removed that and these people go, “Well wait, that actually happened.” 

So now BuzzFeed's come out with an article admitting they're all basically Democratic Party-run, and then I read all these articles and it says, “Jones had the number one trending video a week and a half ago, YouTube banned it. He didn't back down, kept saying nobody died, so they did it again. And now his sites going to be -- he's going to be banned off YouTube and hopefully everywhere.” And they're celebrating it all over the news, and, “Yay, ban free speech, yay, stand up to bullies.” That's how they've always pushed the whole hate speech garbage. It's how they've always done it.


This is the deep state's children, they're high school seniors, coming out, meeting with Democrats, meeting with Bernie Sanders, meeting with everybody, and saying, “We are going to abolish the Second Amendment.” So that's where we're at here. And the levels of lies are so intense.


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