Alex Jones compares being transgender to him deciding he's a “50-foot, red, purple, striped giraffe” that gives “birth to leprechauns”

Jones: “This is mental illness ... It's like magic talk.”

From the August 2 edition of Genesis Communication Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): They got the headlines, “Jones is a homophobe.” Why right here, he said that a man that had a baby wasn't a man. Because it said it was a woman that thought she was a man that then got pregnant. She's a woman! You don't put a blue bow on a whale that's a male and say it's a female. You don't look at a male walrus and say it's a female or vice versa. You don't have a female walrus saying she's a male. I mean this is mental illness, but then they sit there and look at it and they say, “No you're crazy. Look how crazy Jones is, he said this woman that thought she was a man had a baby,” but they said this man did have a baby. This man is a -- was a woman that identifies as a man. It's like magic talk. I'm a 20-foot giraffe with purple spots, and when I go to the bathroom, Lucky Charms comes out, golden rainbows. I'm a 50-foot, red, purple, striped giraffe, and when I go to the bathroom, I give birth to leprechauns. And if you don't agree to that, you're insane, you're crazy, because I control things. I'm magical. 


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