Alex Jones claims “there's a cover-up going on” about Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg

From the February 21 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): They misrepresented what we said about Sandy Hook, that had a lot of anomalies, and they've been misrepresenting a lot of other things that we've said and done. And on Friday, NBC News and others were saying, “Oh, Jones is trying to say nothing happened in Florida like he always does.” Well, as you noticed, there's no video, there's no audio of that. That's not what we've said, that's not what we've done. 

Now, I ended up taking some time off to -- that I was going to use for launching some of the new satellite uplinks and big TV deals that we've already gotten done that I'll be announcing in the next few weeks, but instead of doing a workcation on that, I have been on this. I even -- I did something I rarely do, I stayed home much of the day yesterday and just got in front of my office computer and I spent six hours, at least, doing deep research so that I can tell the viewers and the listeners what we've discovered. 

There's so much evidence that it gives me a headache. And I think you just alluded to the beginning of it. What we do know is there's a cover-up going on. They are pulling videos of this young man, a David Hogg, whose father is an FBI agent, whose mother is a big Democrat and big anti-gun person, who is an anti-gun activist and has been in a bunch of anti-gun videos and reports already. They are pulling these videos everywhere and pulling videos, off Facebook, Instagram, you name it, from their own sites of him in some type of CNN visit, internship, VIP thing. Then they're pulling photos of them in the drama department with the other three students. So, A, there's a cover-up going on. B, when you pull back from this, they are demonizing anyone that even asks questions. Well when you're a young person, and a survivor, and I believe the mass shooting happened, and when you end up being a spokesperson in the adult life and you're a senior in high school and you're articulate, you're in a mans world.


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