Alex Jones claims the Buffalo grocery store shooting was a staged event

“This is very, very simple, and the system knows that, and they knew that this guy was planning to do this and they let him do it”

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Citation From the May 16, 2022, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show 

ALEX JONES (INFOWARS HOST): If your foreign multinational bank's imploding the world economy for a designed collapse, you're going to stir up every major group internally using sociology. So in Sri Lanka they'll play one group off against each other even though they're genetically the same people. Here in America we got historic beefs. Bad things have been done to certain people, play those up, divide everybody. This is very, very simple, and the system knows that, and they knew that this guy was planning to do this and they let him do it. That's come out in the news.


They're blaming everybody who has free speech saying you've got to lose your speech and your guns because of this, while they're literally flooding weapons to the Azov battalion Nazis in Ukraine. This is all extremely, extremely transparent. 


JONES: It's going to get a lot worse, folks. I mean, it's going to get bad, and they're going to have some more white supremists go out and do this. You know it's going to happen, and they're going to have some crazy brainwashed black people do the same damn thing, and they're going to sit here and play us all off against each other while they rape everybody and cut our power off and inflate everything and screw us. That's what pisses me off is the globalists are the enemy, they're on record, we don't have baby formula, and they've got some crazy person they knew was going to do this and they let him do it again. We exposed that at Parkland and they said that I said the shooting didn't happen, a damn lie. That I had students on that talked about how he was threatening to kill everybody and how they protected him and they said oh, Jones had fake people on, what they accused me of saying about them. 


People started grabbing clips Saturday on Twitter of me saying they're going to shoot up a black grocery store with a white supremist and they were mad at me on Twitter. I saw the comments like, how dare him say so soon it's staged. Those were clips a year and a half, a year ago, and last week. I didn't say that today. I said it before it happened because I know how the globalists operate and I know who they wind up and I know what they do. Folks do you hear me? Theodore Kaczynski, the unabomber worked for the CIA. It came out in court. The CIA was running him.