Alex Jones claims Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and the FBI knew the Parkland shooting was coming, but stood down

From the February 23 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): It’s the media hyping up mass shootings that is 100 percent affecting the mental illness of these drug-heads and people. And the sheriff’s department, not just the sheriff that knew the shooting was going on and stood out there for four minutes because it looks like he was a big fat coward. But also the sheriff’s department. And I know [Infowars contributor] Roger Stone’s son’s on the sheriff's department and I’m sure there’s some nice people, but give me a break. Just because he has dinner with the sheriff -- I’m not mad at Roger, I disagree with him.

I think that sheriff is a big Democrat, he’s a big Hillary boot-licker, and they knew it was coming and they all stood down. And the FBI stood down. And now they get to trash the Second Amendment some more. And the sheriff’s department sat there. And that’s what the students told us who have been on the show. They just pulled up in their cars and waited for more backup to get there. I mean I’m not a hero, but I guarantee if somebody’s going around here shooting people or a school I’m going to find them and I’m going to put bullets in them or I’m going to die trying. Instinctive. Instinctive.

How did we become so cowardly? Well, it’s called being a Democrat. It’s called being a sack of garbage. It’s called being a selfish piece of filth. That’s what it’s called.


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