Alex Jones claims Brian Stelter, Lester Holt, and other high-profile media figures will have advance knowledge of “staged terror attacks” carried out against media companies

From the August 16 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): And ladies and gentlemen, this is about taking down America and [President Donald] Trump and the recovery and the entire free press. So I’m telling you, like night follows day, the staged terror attacks are coming on big tech, government buildings, mainstream media. All the stars will be gone that day. All the [Brian] Stelters will be gone that day, all the Lester Holts will be gone. And they are going to drive a truck bomb or something into a daycare at CNN or ABC or something and have people shooting everybody, you name it. Because you can see the pre-programming, and [they'll] say, “See, the hate did this. The hate did this,” while they cover up antifa, and the attack on [Rep. Steve] Scalise [R-LA] and the attack on [Sen.] Rand Paul [R-KY] and all the calls to kidnap Barron [Trump] and rape him.

And we’ve got to get this out to Trump, we’ve got to let him know -- because Trump’s not calling for violence. When they attack Trump and lie about him he says, “You're fake news, you’re lying, I’m not a racist, I love Mexicans, whatever.” They go, “Oh, you’re a Nazi, you’re calling for violence, blood on your hands.” Same thing with me, editing stuff out of context to build this. So they’ve got big tech, they got the media, they got the Democrats, they got [Sen. Mark] Warner [D-VA] reportedly running it all ready to quarterback this whole deal, could happen today, tomorrow, next week, next month.

But before -- a couple weeks before election, before we get there, they’re going to do this. But here’s the key when we come back: If we expose it and if you get these videos out we’re going to post of this live feed and you spread them no matter what and you go wild with the truth and we’re all peaceful and call for peace and expose the fact that the left is the one being violent, they will not have the cojones to launch it. But they silenced me ahead of time because I smelled it.


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