Alex Jones Attacks Media Matters For Documenting How Google Is Funding His Harassment And Hate On YouTube

From the March 28 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES: The Democratic Party, Soros-funded Media Matters -- funded by the Nazi collaborator George Soros -- came out in two articles calling for us to be completely kicked off Google and for Google to not to let us have any advertising on YouTube. We pointed out that AdRoll, connected to them, had us kicked off, and I believe from sources that that was part of a Google move, but now I'm told it's not. And that’s why you hear, “Oh, Google lets extremists go on and Islamicists and call for violence.” And I told you they mean us. And now, sure enough, they say because we expose vaccines -- they say it’s a well-known hoax that vaccines ever hurt anybody. Now that’s part of one of the things they say we should be banned for. It’s hateful to tell you that vaccines have bad reactions.


The governments don’t get IMF, World Bank money if they don’t vaccinate the population, so they just come in, force it. And now all over Africa, you name it -- 100 years ago the Africans would run up to the doctors wanting to see the white witch doctors. Now they run because they know. But you can find this for yourself anywhere, but these type of folks they just call it hateful, disproven garbage.


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