Alex Jones: Assassination Of Russian Ambassador Was “A Highly Scripted, Prepared Event”

From the December 20 edition of Genesis Communications Networks' The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): It’s a serious situation when the ambassador to Turkey gets killed from Russia, another ambassador, another diplomat gets killed in Moscow, Putin’s best buddy and driver gets killed in a CIA-style hit where they ram into him with a big truck, favorite way to get you – a reinforced truck.

You’ve got all of this happening. You’ve got all of this unfolding, and clearly this was all a highly scripted, prepared event. The killing was real – notice the art that’s hanging right behind him when he gets killed at this government-sponsored art show. It’s a cannon. Pointed right at you. It’s a message to everybody. This is a message to Russia. We can script anything we want. We will kill you in front of everybody. That is a direct message like wrapping two fish in a body armor and Luca Brasi in The Godfather. He sleeps with the fishes.

It’s like telling everybody there will be no autopsy when its first announced that Scalia died a few hours ago and then having him be part of some secret society meeting and telling you he was part of it and then saying he was found with a pillow on his face. That was a message: You get in line other Supreme Court justices or you’re dead. By the way, I have that from Supreme Court justices. That I’m absolutely right about the death threats.

But see, the whole takeover failed, didn’t it? And now, who gets to talk to the president? Who gets to talk to the Supreme Court justices? Matt Drudge. Alex Jones. And it totally is pissing them off. Thirty days out, they will do anything, including starting wars, assassinating Trump, you name it, they will do anything they can.

‘Cause I don’t get up here and brag about the fact that we’ve now become the talking points memo for the intelligence agencies, for the military, for the president-elect. And it’s not because we just made all this up and they hear it and then believe it, they already know this and more. They just can’t release classified information, so they say “listen to Alex Jones, he knows what’s going on.”

And I’m not given classified information most of the time over the years, certainly not from the sources I just mentioned. I already know how it works, I’ve reverse-engineered the whole thing. And we’ve got a better handle on how this works than pretty much anybody who’s public. Are there analysts that know more than I do? Absolutely. Are there are all sorts of people smarter than I am? Yes. But nobody went and built a media operation to talk about it.


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