Alex Jones announces he's working with Steven Crowder

“This is a match made in heaven.”

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Citation From the August 8, 2023, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES [HOST]: Ladies and gentlemen, a historic announcement today taking the deep state on head on. Wow. It is Tuesday August 8th 2023. I'm Alex Jones, your host coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas at Steven Crowder's incredible studios.

They have just launched a new network system partnered with Rumble. His show is routinely getting 5 million viewers a day on one channel alone. This is explosive, and I'm going to start a weekly show with them. And then I'm gonna expand into Infowars and so much more with investigative crews on the streets, our reporters going all over the world. This is a match made in heaven.

So I'm gonna have Steven Crowder and others coming up in studio; amazing comedian Nick Di Paolo and so many others. We're also going to have the CEO, who is a really smart guy, of Steven Crowder's operation and Mug Club. We're going to be having Gerald Morgan in here with us in the first hour. It is going to be absolutely huge.

And coming up next segment. They had an amazing hour and 15-minute press conference this morning that just ended about 35 minutes ago. We're going to air about 15 minutes of that with Steven Crowder and myself making some big announcements.

And then we're gonna have Steven and some of the crew – Bryan Callen who I have known for many years and is one of the top comedians out there, just hung out with him and Joe Rogan and had dinner on Saturday, and went and saw a show on Friday in Austin. He has signed up here. So have the Hodgetwins. And so much more.

And it was Steven Crowder back when everybody turned their back on me pretty much during deplatforming other than Tucker Carlson that stood up for me and he didn't shut down during the first lockdown – the first days of that, so he's the type of guy I want to work with. I love the energy, the intelligence of these folks. And this is a teaming up of Infowars and Alex Jones and my crew with their crew. So it is definitely exciting.