Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich say body-slamming GOP candidate was “set up”

From the May 25 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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MIKE CERNOVICH: That is why every national reporter in the world went to Montana. Who cares about some race in Montana, right? But they’re all there trying to set people up, putting recorders in your face, getting in your face, badgering you --

ALEX JONES (HOST): I was about to say that’s what they did to Trump and [Corey] Lewandowski. He comes in the room, screams at him, puts a camera in his face. He tries to grab the phone, the guy grabs his arm, he throws him to the ground. That guy touched him. That guy assaulted him. You grab somebody’s wrist you are trying to take control of them.

CERNOVICH: Exactly -- that’s what they do. They’re setting everybody up now. And it was a total set up to try to swing a race for the Democrats because they lost all four special elections so what they do now is they send people and they go, “Hey, hey, man, hey.” And they shove it in your face and sometimes, as you know, it hits you. They have bad breath. They’ll breath in your face and there is spittle coming out of their mouth. These media people, a lot of them are just really bad, poor hygiene, they don’t take care of themselves.

JONES: These are the lowest scum of the earth that know they’re liars. They’re not even paid until they get a big story, so they’re mercenaries, they’re bounty hunters.

CERNOVICH: Right, and Ben Jacobs was actually a former Democrat operative. And by the way, none of these people -- as you know if you wear a Trump hat in public,somebody might try to murder you. The media never cared about that kind of violence. But suddenly one of them is maybe pushed to the ground a little bit in self-defense and now it’s the number one story in the world and of course Paul Ryan is saying that he must apologize --

JONES: Oh yeah, this Republican when some guy grabs his arm throwing him to the ground in his own office, he’s worse than the Manchester 22 dead kids, 50 plus injured, and it doesn’t matter that we’ve got Ariana Grande saying, quote, she hopes her fans f-ing die.


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