Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich call the Anti-Defamation League an anti-American Jewish mafia

Alex Jones: ADL has “always been the group that feeds on the Jews working with the Nazis”

From the July 21 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): They like literally put you next to neo-Nazis and clearly they’re trying to get somebody just like Southern Poverty Law Center has gotten a bunch of people shot when they attacked the Family Research Council. I mean they really are crazy.


Bottom line, the leftist Jews have completely made an alliance with radical Islam and just like Soros helped round up Jews for Hitler, he’s doing it again today. I mean Soros is literally the number one living Nazi.

MIKE CERNOVICH: Right and conservative Jews are saying that is why I have always been an outspoken critic of anti-Semitism. What I’ve been telling people is I go, if you think that Jews just all think alike you don’t really understand anything at all.

JONES: You’re playing into the globalist master manipulation.

CERNOVICH: Yeah exactly. The globalists make it want to seem like all Jews are anti-America, and that actually isn’t true. The ADL is anti-America, the ADL is anti-freedom, but –

JONES: Because they go back to the Jewish mafia in 1913 founded it. It was the Jewish mafia feeding off Jews, abusing Jews, and it was the Jewish mafia in Europe that wouldn’t let Jews get out and made them pay money to them. So it’s always been the group that feeds on the Jews working with the Nazis.

CERNOVICH: Exactly and the ADL would extort Jews actually and what the ADL is doing now is extorting Jews. They’re saying, “Oh my god, look at all these people.” Most of the people they mentioned on the list I’d never even heard of. Some guy with 100 people read his blog, he gets two blog comments –

JONES: And they put you in with the Nazi guy that you’ve made fun of. It’s just crazy.

CERNOVICH: Yeah, and it’s extorting Jews, they want to scare Jews and made them terrified so that they can get more money and more donations. So it’s another form of terrorism by the ADL.


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