Alex Jones to “all the minorities” in America: “You live here, you get rich here, and then you piss all over it”

From the September 25 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): And then expanding, what do you make of the left, like David Horowitz said earlier, not knowing when to stop and going up against the American flag and America and now they're on CNN and MSNBC saying get rid of the flag, it's white supremacist, get rid of “The Star Spangled Banner.” We knew that was coming, but don't all the minorities get -- I know they're not the ones really running this, I mean, literally -- like you're America, it's yours. It's big, it's prosperous, it's still one of the best places ever to be able to do whatever you want. What -- you live here, you get rich here, and then you piss all over it. It's the most spoiled-rotten crap I've ever seen.


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