Alex Jones: Africans “recede back into total barbarism” without whites

From the March 1 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): Rhodesia, then Zimbabwe, all these other places, the Congo, first they nationalize, then they make the whites keep working on the land, then they kill them, then everything collapses, then they have multi-billion famous inflation. Why is Africa so corrupt once the evil colonists are kicked out? Then you should have Wakanda, it should be like spaceships and the vibranium and everything, which would be great.

I love Africa. It’s a beautiful country, I mean continent. A lot of beautiful countries. I want them to do well. Fellow humans. But this thing about get the whites out that brought the civilization. Why does it then recede back into total barbarism, everybody starving, but the president’s son has 100 Lamborghinis.


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