After being sued, Alex Jones stands by allegedly defamatory claims about witness to Charlottesville car attack

From the March 13 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Just because The Washington Post, The New York Times and everybody misquotes what we said about this guy, who did videotape the stuff and who I don’t think was part of staging anything. He’s a spokesperson of the Democrats. He loves Hillary. He’s a leftist. He went all over TV. He was a public figure before, he’s a public figure after, he’s going to be all over the news channels as a cause célèbre. Democratic fundraising. He writes articles for Politico: “How I became fake news.” Brennan Gilmore.


So this guy goes out and writes his articles, misrepresents what I said about Charlottesville, defames me. Then Georgetown Law, as deep state as it gets, comes out and then they have the nerve to say we’re suing you because you say I might be connected to the CIA. Are you joking? You don’t think the public doesn't know, or Colonel Allen West of the Army doesn’t know, what the State Department is? The State Department is the CIA. It runs it. It is the deepest state. Ridiculous. Asinine.


It’s like a joke. “How dare you say I’m connected to the CIA? I just worked in clandestine offices of the State Department in Africa.” Of course. Oh my goodness, excuse me. Wait till we explain that to a jury if it ever gets to them. And then there is the rules of evidence, the optional completeness. The jury’s going to have to watch whole four-hour shows for every clip you want to show them. And guess who, after they watch the broadcast, will be awake?



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