After Alex Jones is removed from iTunes and Facebook, Fox Business guests says that tech companies are full of “hardcore leftists”

From the August 6 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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DAGEN MCDOWELL (GUEST HOST): I think that very often when you see companies shutting down a podcast like with what Apple and Facebook did, Matt, it’s -- they’re covering their you-know-whats because of legal liability in some instances, that's my go-to thought. … What say you, Matt? 

MATT BRAYNARD (REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST): Yeah, I think the real question here is who's going to be next? Because at least in Alex Jones’ case, the language that they used was hate speech and that's a very broad term and it's not really clear on any given day what that means to these tech companies. It's important to remember that personnel is policy, and stacked from the bottom to the top of corporate leadership, department heads of all the tech companies they are hardcore leftists. And if this is just the first example of them censoring somebody or going after somebody, it just makes me wonder who's next, whose unfavorable opinions will be targeted next for deplatforming by Apple or any one of these larger, other large social media companies. Will it be people who oppose illegal immigration, or question the latest on gender politics, or pro-lifers? At what point does it cross the quote, unquote “hate speech” line, especially when they’re relying on far left organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center to define exactly what hate speech is, which would include this network here. 

MCDOWELL: Matt, what I'm saying that actually that the outrage at the social media sites is actually, somehow, in an upside down world it works to the candidate's benefit. It works to President Trump’s benefit. The laziness of many people in television media because it’s easier to accuse President Trump of having lost his mind, or being deranged, or being mentally ill, than to actually do policy work and understand, say, his trade policy. What I'm saying the outrage generated by these social media platforms in trying to censor conservatives, it actually whips up the base. 

BRAYNARD: I will conceded that there is definitely some pushback. When these stories come out it certainly does make people much more skeptical of these large hegemonies of tech, but it does concern us though that they are essentially removing platform -- the platform in many cases funding, in the cases of Google for removing advertising options for right-wing conservative voices, patriotic voices, along with deleting podcasts wholesale, not particular ones, but the entire podcast series of Alex Jones. And not to defend him but it does -- it is a troubling sign, is that there’s no appeal when Facebook or Twitter takes away your account or blocks you. There's no remedy to you, you're just stuck with it.


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