Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt on unnamed woman who was reportedly sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh: “Is there even a victim? I mean, she doesn't remember it.”

Ben Shapiro: “No. I mean, there is no story here.”

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Citation From the September 18 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): What do you make of The New York Times being caught, not only in having to apologize for an inappropriate tweet, but then an editorial note fixed on this news analysis that said, essentially, yeah, you know what? We left out the fact that the woman involved in this story does not remember the story?

BEN SHAPIRO (DAILYWIRE.COM EDITOR-IN-CHIEF): Yeah, I would say that it's unbelievable, except it's insanely believable. Every time The New York Times makes a mistake, it is always in the direction of somebody on the right getting clocked. And that's particularly true in the Kavanaugh story. I mean, there's a much bigger story in that book that was not reported by The New York Times, namely that Leland Kaiser, who was the best friend of Christine Blasey Ford, said she didn't believe Ford's story and was pressured by Ford's allies to change her story.

DOOCY: Didn't add up.

SHAPIRO: And The New York Times didn't see fit to report that. They buried this particular story in their news analysis section so they didn't have to run it through the news section. And then they actually removed the line that said that the alleged victim didn't remember the incident in question, and then replaced it later. I mean, that's not just bad journalism. That's not botchery, I mean that is purposeful at that point.


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Is there even a victim? I mean, she doesn't remember it.

SHAPIRO: No. I mean, there is no story here. Right? And then this prompted editorials from The New York Times and the Washington Post, talking about how the FBI was engaged in a sham investigation based on them not investigating an allegation that has no alleged victim? I mean, it's insanity.