Disgraced Accuracy in Media intern returns to AIM's blog

Last December, we detailed how Accuracy in Media intern Allie Duzett falsely attacked Obama administration official Kevin Jennings as a “pedophile,” which resulted in AIM having to delete the post and issue a retraction. One would think that exposing her employer to possible legal action would have ended Duzett's writing career at AIM.

Apparently not.

Duzett resurfaced at AIM this week with a pair of blog posts. There appears to be nothing legally actionable in either of them, though in one she calls The New York Times “highly biased” and ludicrously suggests that Fox News isn't.

During her exile from AIM, Duzett has kept herself busy: According to her LinkedIn profile, she is working for the conservative Heritage Foundation as an “Information Systems Assistant,” where she “solve[s] over 100 technical problems in a routine month” and “blog[s] on the Foundry about United States domestic policy.” (We could find only four posts by her on Heritage's Foundry blog.)

So that's two organizations that perhaps need to explain their relationship with someone who forwarded such an egregiously false claim – one of whom has already been burned once by her.