ABC Shreds Trump's Iraq War And Birther Lies: They Don't “Resemble The Truth At All” 

Jonathan Karl: Trump's Lies About The Iraq War And Birtherism Were “Two Doozies” That “Simply Were Not True” 

From the September 26 edition of ABC's coverage of the presidential debate: 

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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (HOST): You saw [Donald Trump] doubling down on a number of issues. Byron Pitts, you're going through some of the facts here. Let's walk through the facts on that significant exchange on birther. 

BYRON PITTS: George, Trump tried to make the argument that Hillary Clinton started the birther moment, saying that President Obama was born in Kenya. He went on for several minues making the case. But George, every legitimate fact-checking source has said that's not true. So, we've come to the judgment here at ABC news, that statement by Trump is false. Didn't resemble the truth at all. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: He didn't hesitate at all. 

DAVID MUIR: He didn't George. And he took a new turn with it. And in fact, in trying to say that it was Hillary Clinton who started this eight years ago, which you have just fact-checked, Byron, and so have many other organizations, he then went to say, though, she failed to get the birth certificate. When I got involved, I didn't fail. I got him to give the birth certificate, so I'm satisfied with it. And when the moderator, Lester Holt, then pressed him, and said, even after you got the birth certificate, why did you continue to perpetuate this question for several more years? He didn't answer that question about what it was that changed his mind. Lester Holt, we heard him try twice on that point, didn't get an answer. 

MARTHA RADDATZ: I thought it was extraordinary, George. Because he did not back down on the most fact-checked thing in his campaign. Did not back down at all. Stayed on point with that. 

STEPHANOPOULOS: Same goes on Iraq. He said he did not support the invasion of Iraq. 

RADDATZ: And fact-checkers have said there is no solid public information hearing from Donald Trump that he actually was against the invasion of Iraq. There are a couple of nuanced statements, but nothing solidly against the invasion. 


JONATHAN KARL:  By the second half of this debate, you saw an angrier Donald Trump, you saw him clearly agitated by the charges being leveled at him by Hillary Clinton. And then coming down on those two answers, the birther answer and the Iraq War answer, coming out with two doozies, just things that simply were not true. He insisted, as Martha said, that he was adamantly against the Iraq War, where there is no evidence out there that he opposed the Iraq War before the war started.


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