Gateway Pundit White House correspondent defends sharing hoax from 4chan on Las Vegas shooting

Gateway Pundit's Lucian Wintrich admits false story came from 4chan but attacks media for not focusing on unproven claim of “a white guy being radicalized by ISIS”

From the October 2 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s War Room:

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LUCIAN WINTRICH: Listen, I'll get right into it. So Gateway Pundit, right --

JACK POSOBIEC: So there was an issue, right? So there was a little issue -- not a little issue, there was an issue -- that came up with Gateway Pundit, something that happened. What happened, what time did it happen? Walk me through the situation.

WINTRICH: Our Hong Kong -- we have a reporter, we're international, we have a reporter in Hong Kong. Our Hong Kong reporter saw the story, was reading about the story, followed initial tips, two initial tips. And we did at four in the morning have the wrong name, as the shooter for ten minutes. 

POSOBIEC: So there was a post that went up labeling -- so they connected someone to the shooting. How were they able to connect him to the shooting?

WINTRICH: There were multiple tips -- you know, listen, we're gathering news from everywhere, from Twitter to 4chan to the mainstream outlets. Two tips -- the amount of tips we have just emailed are enough to keep you occupied 24/7. One of our reporters was following multiple tips. Multiple tips gave him this name. He published the story. He believed it was the correct story. It was taken down. Listen, it was taken down in ten minutes. And I am flabbergasted that this is now a huge -- the mainstream media, rather than talking about potentially a white guy being radicalized by ISIS, by radical Islam, right? We've seen that before. That's what's terrifying, I think, about Vegas. That --

POSOBIEC: The potential that it could be ISIS involvement.

WINTRICH: Yeah, that just a disenfranchised older white man can potentially fall into this trap of ISIS propaganda. 


It is honestly enraging to me, Jack, that, again, rather than them focusing on Americans being radicalized by Islamic extremists, that we're focusing on a story that literally nobody saw.


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