Wash. Times publishes Knight's homophobic screed regarding repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

In a July 7 Washington Times op-ed, Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries launched an all-out homophobic attack and fearmongered about the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Knight's homophobic rant is just the latest example of The Washington Times' long history of publishing anti-gay rhetoric and smears.

From Knight's Washington Times op-ed:

On May 27, the Senate Armed Services Committee also ignored the chiefs, voting 16-12 to approve a repeal sponsored by Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent.

Speaking of Mr. Lieberman, can we finally ask some prominent conservatives to quit holding this man up as a great statesman simply because he supports the war on terrorism? Mr. Lieberman has sponsored or supported the hate-crimes law, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), “Cap-and-Tax,” the gaying of the military, the stimulus boondoggle and last but not least, socialist ObamaCare.

On the gays in the military issue, the left is deploying its favorite weapon - implying inevitability. That's the tactic that scares wobbly Republicans who fear they'll be “on the wrong side of history.” They won't, if they stick to respecting the military and upholding our God-given, transcendent moral order. They need to see through the liberals' theft of the moral capital of the black civil rights movement. Is being black really the same as Fred sizing up Larry for “the crime against nature” ?

Besides, whatever your position is on homosexual activism, this is first and foremost about ensuring maximum efficiency and combat readiness of our armed forces. It's about giving our servicemen and women the best chance at victory and coming home alive. Injecting homosexuality into the barracks, showers, submarines and “diversity” training cannot possibly improve combat readiness or morale.


Forcing open homosexuality on the armed forces would destroy the volunteer military and bring back the compulsory draft. Since women are now deployed close to combat, and the only legal reason they are not eligible is their combat exemption, a new draft could include our daughters. And some would face pressure to have on-base abortions in order to complete their tours of duty.

Chaplains would be the first victims of Mr. Obama's homosexualization of the military, followed by anyone who violated “zero tolerance” policies for homosexual acceptance. Bible-believing Christians would quickly find themselves unwelcome in Barney Frank's new pansexual, cross-dressing military.

Other fallout includes family housing, reduction in retention, recruitment and unit cohesion, an increase in homosexual sexual assaults and a boost to overturning the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

The military is a bastion of traditional values and symbolizes America's strength and independence. Opening the ranks to open homosexuality will accomplish the left's dream - undermining the military and transforming it into a wrecking ball against Judeo-Christian morality.