WSJ editorial repeated Casey falsehood, while getting its Democratic conventions confused

A Wall Street Journal editorial falsely claimed that Democrats had prevented then-Pennsylvania Gov. Bob Casey from speaking at the 1988 Democratic National Convention “because he was pro-life.” In fact, Casey did speak to the 1988 convention, on July 20, 1988 [Associated Press, 7/21/88]. The Journal was most likely referring to the widely circulated -- but discredited -- myth that Casey was prevented from speaking at the 1992 Democratic convention because of his opposition to abortion rights. In fact, Casey was denied a speaking slot at the convention because he refused to endorse the Clinton-Gore presidential ticket. In addition, other Democrats who opposed abortion rights did speak to the 1992 convention, as well as every subsequent convention.

From the June 8 Wall Street Journal:

Last time we checked, it required a coalition to sustain a political majority, and Ms. Finley is being nominated for what is basically a security (not a social policy) post. Republicans don't want to become the mirror image of those Democrats who blocked Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey from speaking at their convention in 1988 because he was pro-life.