WSJ corrected error in editorial but repeated another error in the correction

The Wall Street Journal issued a correction of a date in a June 8 editorial, but failed to correct the second substantive falsehood in the same sentence. At the time, Media Matters for America first noted the Journal editorial's false assertion that then-Pennsylvania Gov. Bob Casey was prevented from speaking at the 1992 Democratic National Convention “because he was pro-life.”

In his “Altercation” weblog for, Eric Alterman noted the Journal correction, which ran in the paper's June 13 edition:

Fellow Democrats prevented Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey from speaking at the 1992 Democratic Convention because he was pro-life. The year was misstated in Wednesday's editorial “Senate Holdup.”

In fact, Casey was denied a speaking slot at the convention because he refused to endorse the Clinton-Gore presidential ticket. In addition, other Democrats who opposed abortion rights did speak to the 1992 convention, as well as every subsequent convention. The editorial originally claimed that Casey was denied a speaking slot at the 1988 convention, at which he did speak. (The date in the online version of the editorial has been corrected.)