Fox guest tells the host a wall wouldn't prevent human trafficking

Fox guest tells the host a wall wouldn't prevent human trafficking

Immigration attorney Evangeline Chan: Most trafficking victims are "not actually brought illegally, most of them are brought through legal ports of entry with visas and legal documents"


From the January 11 edition of Fox News' The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino:

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DANA PERINO (HOST): Tell me a little bit about your efforts to try to bring awareness to this issue, but also to try to prevent trafficking from happening in the first place. 

EVANGELINE CHAN (SAFE HORIZON IMMIGRATION LAW PROJECT): Well yes, Dana, one of the things that we do is to educate the public and the community about what human trafficking is. And one of the misconceptions is how they're brought to the United States. They're not actually brought illegally, most of them are brought through legal ports of entry with visas and legal documents. They are the young girl that is brought here by her boyfriend or romantic partner and then tricked into working in a brothel. It's the nanny that comes here believing she's going to work for a family and then is working here without pay and under sub-standard conditions. It's the person that is coming here with a professional degree believing he's going to work in a capacity of computer specialists and then is ending up cleaning hotel rooms for little pay. 

PERINO: So your thoughts on border security for here in the United States. From your perspective, do you think that it is not necessary to have more physical barriers because you're saying that most of the problem is coming through legal points of entry? 

CHAN: We believe that a wall is not effective. What we need are common sense solutions that address an ineffective immigration system. 

PERINO: And what would be a common sense solution? Because I think people are looking for those right now. 

CHAN: One of the things would be addressing some of the bureaucratic delays. We have almost several years wait for some immigration applications to be decided. We have documents that have grown from one page to 22 pages. The fees have gone up. So it's making legal immigration much harder and it's really deterring people from coming forward and applying legally. 


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