Fox News turns to Blackwater founder Erik Prince to discuss hurricane response

Fox News turns to Blackwater founder Erik Prince to discuss hurricane response


From the September 8 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What are the lessons do you think of Katrina -- what did you learn there that could be applied here? 

ERIK PRINCE: Well even hearing him describe the level of really forced evacuation they are doing is much better prior planning than what we saw in Louisiana. Everyone was so far behind the power curve then. I, as a company, Blackwater -- we never had any plans to be in the domestic security business. I saw people on the rooftops, we ended up sending a helicopter, which we had just taken delivery of, reset the pilot's time, flew down there, our aircraft became Coast Guard 505, rescued a bunch of people and then customers started calling -- Walmart, BellSouth, insurance companies, major distribution facilities -- because the place was picked clean. Walmart at that point had 12 of its 13 stores picked clean and they needed their warehouse distribution facility protected so they could actually restock and reset. So, and then the Federal Protective Service -- their employee union in the aftermath said the conditions were too rough and too unsafe, that they wouldn't send their people. That's why we got pulled into security. We ended up sending 750 people for almost a year to cover the relocation camps, the cash distribution, the morgue. It was terrible and they were behind the power curve. It seems Florida is much more on the ball.


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