NRATV host: Sen. Chris Murphy and Rep. Kathleen Rice are “the puppet masters of the modern violent left”

NRATV host: Sen. Chris Murphy and Rep. Kathleen Rice are “the puppet masters of the modern violent left”


From the August 22 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): There are those on the left who would rather have President [Donald] Trump lose than America win the war on terror. Connecticut [Democratic] Sen. Chris Murphy is one of them. Murphy’s lack of patriotism was on full display as the president unveiled his new strategy to win the war in Afghanistan. As President Trump addressed the world on how we will destroy Islamic terrorists, Chris Murphy took to Twitter and attacked him. He called the president a liar. And as President Trump let Pakistan know that we will no longer allow them to harbor terrorists, Chris Murphy sought to undermine the president, claiming, quote, “You can’t announce a strategy that relies on complicated diplomacy with Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan when you’re firing all the diplomats.” Looks like Sen. Murphy stands with those who harbor terrorists and not our commander-in-chief. That is how much he hates President Trump and those of you who support him. And not an hour after Donald Trump gave the most important speech of his presidency, Sen. Murphy tweeted out, quote, “The only new strategy announced tonight was that strategy will no longer be announced.”

What type of American senator seeks to undermine the president as he is speaking to the world about how to defeat terrorism. Guess what, Sen. Murphy? Unlike your hero Barack Obama, President Trump does have a plan. It’s called winning. Using the might of this country to destroy our enemy. Since you were too busy tweeting anti-Trump propaganda, you might have missed the fact that the president made it clear we will no longer tip off the enemy. No more time tables, no more troop numbers, only a clear goal. Hunt down the terrorists and kill them. Win. Instead of support for the eradication of radical Islamic terror, Murphy turned to criticism because he hates President Trump just as he hates all of us, members of the NRA. Remember this tweet from Sen. Murphy? “I think the NRA is telling people to shoot us. Now might be the right time to cancel your membership.” So, let me get this straight. Chris Murphy can attack the NRA but not our enemies of this country? Not radical Islamic terrorists? Not the twisted animals who would fly planes into buildings to kill Americans? Instead, he slams the president for trying to stop them.

This is the modern violent left. They come after Americans and not terrorists. Another example?[New York] Democratic Congresswoman Kathleen Rice, who sits on the homeland security committee. She called the NRA’s 5 million members domestic security threats, but she is silent on the Islamic terrorists who seek to destroy us and our way of life. You see, Rice and Murphy are the puppet masters of the modern violent left. They hate that we defied them and put President Trump in office. They hate that we own guns. They hate it so much, they give political cover to the violent anti-Trump movement they seek to embolden.


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