Former Bush Administration Official: Trump's Wiretap Allegation Is "The Most Dishonest Statement That The President Has Made"

Former Bush Administration Official: Trump's Wiretap Allegation Is "The Most Dishonest Statement That The President Has Made"

Nicholas Burns: “It’s Shameful Behavior” And “Not How A President Should Act”


From the March 16 edition of MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin:

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ARI MELBER (HOST): I want to deal with what still looks -- according to the evidence -- to be a very unserious issue in a serious way and that is to make sure viewers understand that what the president said there is not supported by the evidence that is available. He's cited only public sources, specifically Fox News and The New York Times, which have at no point reported a targeted wiretapping of Trump Tower. What is your view of the facts, as well as the larger security and diplomatic implications of this story that is now running two weeks straight? 

NICHOLAS BURNS: Well, the facts are that the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee does not believe that the Obama administration tapped Donald Trump, Trump Tower's communication apparatus. No other member of Congress believes it to be true. The FBI doesn't believe it to be true.  The Justice Department doesn't. I think that this is the most dishonest statement that the president has made, and he’s  made a lot of dishonest statements over the last 18 months. 

MELBER: Wow. You think this claim is the most dishonest? 

BURNS: Yes, because when in American history has a president accused his predecessor of a felony, of breaking the law? This is unfair to President Obama, who did no such thing. It's unfair to the American people that our president -- our current president -- would stoop so low. And then to prevaricate again and to allege again that there's information forthcoming. This is not serious. It's not how a president should act. It's shameful behavior.


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