Author Of New York Times Story Cited By Trump To Boost Wire Tapping Claim: “That’s Not What The Story Said”

Author Of New York Times Story Cited By Trump To Boost Wire Tapping Claim: “That’s Not What The Story Said”

Matthew Rosenberg: "It's Getting Bizarre At This Point," Trump Has Been "Citing Infowars" After "Misreading Our Story"


From the March 16 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): I want to bring in perhaps the mostly widely-mentioned New York Times reporter of the night, Matthew Rosenberg. Matthew, this reminds me of the scene in Annie Hall, where two people are talking about Marshall McLuhan's work, and Woody Allen gets annoyed and says "You know what? I just happen to have Marshall McLuhan right here."

So, we're very glad we happen to have the reporter who wrote the story that is being quoted now by Sean Spicer. I want to get your reaction to what we just heard. What do you make of the White House citing your article as part of the evidence?

MATTHEW ROSENBERG: I mean, it's getting bizarre at this point, because we've said it very clearly, and I said on your show, that that's not what the story said. Anybody can read the story and see that's not what it said.

And so, this bizarre circular thing happening where the president cites a theory that he was wiretapped, which developed on the fringe right-wing media, and then after his tweet storm, Infowars then sort of saying "Well look, it was The New York Times that reported it," citing our story, misreading our story -- and now a few weeks later, the White House and the president are citing Infowars.

So, they've got one kind of bizarre right-wing fringe theory to defend another bizarre right-wing fringe theory, both of which there's no evidence to support.

COOPER: And just to be clear here, there is -- and correct me if I'm wrong, there's absolutely nothing whatsoever in your reporting in The New York Times that indicates President Obama wiretapped or ordered wiretapping of then-candidate Trump, correct?

ROSENBERG: Nothing. I mean, if we knew that, that is a fantastic story.


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