Ingraham: "Follow The Money" To Understand Why WA Catholic Church Is "Embracing ... An Open Borders Mentality"

Laura Ingraham: Bishop Who Criticized Her Immigration Stance "Want[s] Open Borders" Because The Church Gets "Money From The Federal Government"


From the February 25 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The bishop's office, Bishop Tyson in Yakima, Washington, decided he didn't think that this was a going to be -- this isn't a group that he wanted to support or advertise in any of the Catholic parishes in Yakima, Washington. And he cited some beef he has with the organization, that they didn't partner with the Catholic church after they got like twelve measly thousand dollars from the Knights of Columbus. So the bishop cites that and then this Bishop Tyson cites my immigration views as a reason not to support this pro-life organization, that said I'm not a suitable speaker at a pro-life event because my views on immigration conflict with that of the bishop's.


INGRAHAM: Oh yeah. He's picked the wrong fight with the wrong person, I can tell you that.

PRODUCER: So pro-life, immigration, you're not -

INGRAHAM: Right. So I don't believe that the country --

PRODUCER: You're good on pro-life.

INGRAHAM: I don't believe the country should have open borders. And they want open borders over at the bishop's office because why? They get an enormous amount of money from the federal government. OK? They get all these grants, millions of dollars. And the majority of the people in this parish happen to be Hispanic.


INGRAHAM: You have to follow the money here. The bodies in the pews, the money in the collection plate, and the money from the federal government equals encouraging the Catholic church of Yakima to be an embracing more of an open borders mentality. Well the Catholic church just gets a huge amount of money from the federal government to work on the resettlement of refugees and migrants and they believe that this is a way to keep the people in the pews. I have an idea. Why don't we just try to preach the gospel? How about that for an idea instead of getting all caught up in issues of policy versus the doctrinal issues that actually are at the core of the church, like the support for pro-life which is a doctrinal issue. But Tyson, he gave some comments in the Yakima Herald today attacking me. Oh, yeah. Big time. So I helped this group because it sends a message to the bishop's office. If I'm the Catholic church up in the Pacific Northwest I'm just focusing on cleaning up my own house. I'm not worried about a pro-life speaker coming to the area to raise money for a good organization.


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