Bernie Goldberg: "The Reason There Are So Many Poor People Is Because Of Dysfunctional Behavior"

Fox's Goldberg Blames "Fifteen-Year-Old Girls Having Babies" For Poverty And Income Inequality


From the February 19 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: It's gotten worse, and worse, and worse for most people as the rich people have done really well. I have nothing against -- I'm glad the rich people have done well, but you can't have the rich people doing really well and all the people in the middle and the working poor just not doing very well at all.

BERNIE GOLDBERG: Right, on that, this is where the Democrats need to be called to account. They talk about income inequality a lot. And they talk about the high end of income inequality, the detestable billionaires. But the reason, and this is not just me talking there have been studies on this, the reason there are so many poor people is because of dysfunctional behavior. Fifteen-year-old girls having babies is a prescription for poverty and poverty contributes obviously to income inequality. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are never going to have the guts to say that. And since I'm mentioning this, neither are any Republicans going to have the guts to say it. But it's as if, especially on the Democratic side, if you blame billionaires for being rich that's somehow doing something for poor people. That's doing nothing for poor people.

INGRAHAM: No that's silly. That never works.

GOLDBERG: I would vote for somebody who finally said, 'look, I don't want anybody to be poor. But if you're going to behave in certain ways that almost inevitably, statistically will guarantee that you will be poor then that's on you. You have to change that.'

INGRAHAM: Obama's never done that by the way. Obama's never, ever done that. Never.

GOLDBERG: And if I were Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders I would say, 'I'm a white guy,' or 'a white woman,' in Hillary's case, 'and I'm not going to go into south central Los Angeles or the south side of Chicago and preach because nobody's going to listen to me.' But when they both met with civil rights leaders, one of them or both of them should have said, 'but you people can go into your own neighborhoods and preach the gospel of' --

INGRAHAM: Personal responsibility.

GOLDBERG: Doing things the right away. Personal responsibility.


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